The word AVES means “birds” in Spanish. Omar was born in Mexico City, Mexico and wanted to have strong ties in the business to his culture and upbringing. Birds represent freedom, positivity, and are always one with their flock. We aim to achieve freedom in all aspects of our life, spread positivity, and be one with our community.

Omar Arredondo


Prior to AVES Films I was the Director/Producer of Community Affairs at WOOD TV8. My passion for video comes from telling stories that can make a positive impact. Video can be used as such a powerful tool to convey a message. I stride to get better at this craft each and every day. My hope with AVES Films is to building a legacy here in West Michigan and in the United States.

Luiza Herdy


A creative producer with 10+ years experience. Experienced in video, CGI, photography with high end beauty and fashion clients such as NIKE, SOHO HOUSE, NARS, JO MALONE, ESTEE LAUDER, CONVERSE, AMAZON, ZARA.

My expertise lies in efficiently managing diverse teams across different countries, schedules, and budgets. My creative and technical background, keen eye for detail and proactiveness all support me in successfully anticipating needs, quickly identifying solutions and delivering high-quality results.

Shafi Subhan

Lead Photographer

Photography has been a part of my life as early as I can remember our family owning a camera. I find joy in capturing candid images that encompass the unseen moments, moments that can take you back to that day. As someone who has worked most of my career in corporate environments I find photography to be my creative outlet. I was raised and educated here in West Michigan. I believe in the mission here at Aves Films. We are truly making a difference in our community, one project at a time.

Cody Debona


My passion for editing, purposeful design, and efficient processes drives me to make a significant impact in the creative marketing world.

My interests encompass brand development, inventive ideation, and conveying concepts through diverse media forms, including film. I offer a rich blend of experiences and perspectives to my work.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, I constantly stay informed about the latest trends and best practices.

Cody Debona

Copy/Script Writer

Journalism and writing has always been an integral part of who I am. While studying Journalism in university I became enthralled in learning brand voice and identity through writing. The past six years I have worked in the advertising field so it's great to be able to combine my passions for storytelling and my expertise in advertising. I was raised in a small town in SE Michigan and being able to help create content for my local community is why I value Aves Films with such high regard.